furo-ui5-bool-icon #

@furo/ui5 v1.18.0
import '@furo/ui5/src/furo-ui5-bool-icon.js';
exports FuroDataBoolIcon js
exports <furo-ui5-bool-icon> custom-element-definition
superclass LitElement
mixes FBP

Summary: Displays a icon for a boolean value

Description #

Displays a icon/symbol for a boolean value

This component uses the SAP Ui5 icons. https://openui5.hana.ondemand.com/test-resources/sap/m/demokit/iconExplorer/webapp/index.html

<furo-ui5-bool-icon fn-bind-data="--dao(FIELDNODE)"></furo-ui5-bool-icon>

Only @ui5/webcomponents-icons/dist/navigation-down-arrow.js and @ui5/webcomponents-icons/dist/navigation-right-arrow.js are imported. If you set other icons, please do not forget to import them.

Example #

Attributes and Properties #

symboltrue #

symboltrue string default: 'navigation-down-arrow'

Defines the icon for the true state.

symbolfalse #

symbolfalse string default: 'navigation-right-arrow'

Defines the icon for the false state.

field #

default: {}

Methods #

_FBPReady #

_FBPReady() ⟹ void


flow is ready lifecycle method

bindData #

bindData(fieldNode FieldNode ) ⟹ void

FieldNode fn-bind-data

Binds a FieldNode

Supported types: bool

  • fieldNode

toggle #

toggle() ⟹ void


Toggles the icon.