furo-ui5-dynamic-header #

@furo/ui5 v1.18.0
import '@furo/ui5/src/furo-ui5-dynamic-header.js';
exports <furo-ui5-dynamic-header> custom-element-definition
superclass LitElement
mixes FBP

Summary: Dynamic Header

Description #

furo-ui5-dynamic-header Header component with action slot

Attributes and Properties #

headerTextLevel #

header-text-level string default: 'H2'

Defines the headerTextLevel of the component.

iconSize #

icon-size string default: 'S'

Defines the icon-size of the icon / image.

S, M, L, XL

iconShape #

icon-shape string default: 'Square'

Defines the icon-shape of the icon / image. Square | Circle

headerText #

header-text string

Defines the headerText of the component.

isFavorite #

is-favorite boolean

Shows the fovorite icon when set.

shadow #

shadow boolean

Draw a shadow, this is useful when you do not have a tab-container after your dynamic-header

showDropdown #

show-dropdown boolean

Show the dropdown button icon after the header text.

objectIcon #

object-icon string

Set this value to display an object icon.

bigAction #

big-action boolean

Set this attribute to get a bigger action slot.

collapsed #

collapsed reflects boolean

Set the collapsed attribute to start in a collapsed state. Header which are pinned by the user in collapsed or expanded state, will override this attribute.

isPinned #

is-pinned boolean

Set the is-pinned attribute to disable collapse and exand before unpin.

Events #

pinned #


unpinned #


variant-icon-clicked #


Fired when the variant icon (enable with show-dropdown) was clicked.

collapsed #


Fired when the panel is collapsed.

expanded #


Fired when the panel is expanded.

Methods #

collapse #

collapse() ⟹ void


Collapses the header content. This method will do nothing, if the header is “pinned”.

expand #

expand() ⟹ void


Expands the header content. This method will do nothing, if the header is “pinned”.

bindHeaderText #

bindHeaderText(fieldNode FieldNode ) ⟹ void

FieldNode fn-bind-header-text

Bind any scalar field to set the title of the panel. Supported types: scalar types

  • fieldNode

bindSecondaryText #

bindSecondaryText(fieldNode FieldNode ) ⟹ void

FieldNode fn-bind-secondary-text

Bind any scalar field to set the secondaryText of the panel.

  • fieldNode

_toggle #

_toggle() ⟹ void


_toggleOnKeyup #

_toggleOnKeyup() ⟹ void


_FBPReady #

_FBPReady() ⟹ void


flow is ready lifecycle method