furo-ui5-textarea-input-labeled #

@furo/ui5 v1.18.0
import '@furo/ui5/src/furo-ui5-textarea-input-labeled.js';
exports FuroUi5TextareaInputLabeled js
exports <furo-ui5-textarea-input-labeled> custom-element-definition
superclass LitElement
mixes FBP

Summary: labeled textarea field

Description #

furo-ui5-textarea-input-labeled The furo-ui5-textarea-input-labeled is a composition to easily use a complete input field with label according to the design specification of SAP Fiori Design System.

Example #


Attributes and Properties #

label #

label string default: ''

the label for the data-textarea-input

rows #

rows number default: 0

Defines the number of visible text lines for the component.

growingMaxLines #

growing-max-lines number default: 0

Defines the maximum number of lines that the Web Component can grow.

full #

full boolean

This is only used to forward the state to the form-field-container

required #

required Boolean

A Boolean attribute which, if present, means this field is required and marked with *.

disabled #

disabled Boolean

A Boolean attribute which, if present, means this field cannot be edited by the user.

readonly #

readonly Boolean

A Boolean attribute which, if present, means this field is readonly.

showExceededText #

show-exceeded-text Boolean

Determines whether the characters exceeding the maximum allowed character count are visible in the furo-ui5-textarea-input.

If set to false, the user is not allowed to enter more characters than what is set in the maxlength property. If set to true the characters exceeding the maxlength value are selected on paste and the counter below the furo-ui5-textarea-input displays their number.

growing #

growing Boolean

Enables the furo-ui5-textarea to automatically grow and shrink dynamically with its content.

Methods #

focus #

focus(options Object ) ⟹ void

Object fn-focus

Focuses the underlying ui5 input element

bindData #

bindData(fieldNode FieldNode ) ⟹ void

FieldNode fn-bind-data

Orchestrates the data field connection to the inside

  • fieldNode