display-furo-reference #

@furo/ui5 v1.18.0
import '@furo/ui5/src/typerenderer/display-furo-reference.js';
exports DisplayFuroReference js
exports <display-furo-reference> custom-element-definition
superclass LitElement
mixes FBP

Summary: display renderer for furo.Reference

Description #

display-furo-reference The display-furo-reference component displays a FieldNode of type furo.Reference in read only mode.

Every display-xxx component should implement the following API:

  • function: bindData(fieldNode){…}

Attributes and Properties #

Events #

selected #


when item was clicked or selected, because click from ui5 does not bubble

Methods #

bindData #

bindData(fieldNode FieldNode ) ⟹ void

FieldNode fn-bind-data

Binds a field node to the component

  • fieldNode